Benefits of Dancing for Health

Benefits of Dancing for Health 1 Do you want to a little fun in your life in a healthy way? Try dancing for health. Besides dancing being fun, it has also been linked by several researches to many positive health benefits. There is a myriad of health complications that have cropped up due to people not being active enough. Actually, the human body is not designed to be inactive for long periods unless when sleeping. Fortunately, dancing to health can help you steer clear of the health complication that comes with being inactive. There are many forms of dancing to choose to help you live a healthy lifestyle. From disco to Morris dancing, ballroom to barn dancing, the list is nearly endless. Here are some of the benefits of dancing for health;


Weight loss

Vigorous exercising, in order to lose weight, can a time be a pain in the, well, muscles. However, if you are looking for a painless and fun way to lose weight, then dancing would be an incredibly good options. Losing weight can be miserable and demoralizing process. However, thanks to dancing, you can shed a few pounds as you gyrate your waist and move your feet. Dancing puts stresses on different parts of your body, which helps in burning and busting fats in your body; hence weight loss.


Being flexible is an important part of being healthy. Dancing for health can help you become flexible. You become flexible with lubricated joints and strong bones. The flexibility that comes with dancing can particularly benefit women during post menopause. Post menopause is characterized by a significant drop in estrogen in women, which can stop calcium from being absorbed into the bones. Dancing can also considerably help in the preventions and treatment of osteoporosis in both men and women.

Tones the muscles

Transforming your body frame to a well chiseled one with well-toned muscles can be achieved via dancing. Due to the increased paced and continuous exertions during dancing, there is always a force that creates muscle resistance. These muscles resistances during dancing can help you tone your legs and buttocks, flattens your tummy by removing ‘bingo wings.’

Benefits of Dancing for Health 2

Improves the brain functions

With the regular and irregular movements during dancing, there is improved blood flow in your body that helps your brain to function better. Improved blood flow ensures that there is constant supply of fresh oxygen and vital nutrients to the brain. Dancing can also help in improving your memory. This is because you will be required to recall all the steps, routines and the pattern of the type of dance you choose.

Improves posture

Some of the jobs that people have contributes heavily in damaging their postures. If you have a desk-based job, sitting with hunched and rounded shoulders can weaken your lower spine, which can eventually affect your posture. However, dancing for health can help you improve your posture. This is because to be a good dancer, you must practice have the right posture; shoulders back, chin, and chest up.